Humble Tripe presents

The Beginning

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Humble Tripe is the music project of North Carolina-based classical guitarist and songwriter Shawn Luby and Boston-based violinist and Berklee graduate Stud Green. In the summer of 2015, supported by a collaboration grant from the Wild Acres Retreat Center in Little Switzerland NC, the long distance duo found themselves nestled in a small cabin on 1600 mountain acres, and began the creation of Humble Tripe’s newest project, The Beginning. The result is a collection of breathtaking performances, showcasing the craftsmanship and intimacy of the duo’s musical arrangements that have come to define their collaboration.

​In these troubled times, Humble Tripe’s The Beginning provides a most welcome sense of kindness, warmth and understanding.-UK Folk Blog

The Beginning proves to be a major chapter in Humble Tripe’s pure, immaculate folk music.
-Adobe and Teardrops

An authentic voice amid a galaxy of synthetic phonies.
-Music Connection Magazine


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We are currently taking some time off the road, but we’ll be back in late spring 2018!